Application Managed Services

truData Solutions Application Managed Services are designed to support and maintain cloud applications and evolve the solution, whilst realizing greater business value. Our globally distributed teams provide the capabilities and flexibility organizations require to thrive and evolve in an ever-changing environment. truData's 24/7 support model allows our clients to focus on their business objectives.

Application Managed Services

Realizing greater business value

Flexible Services

Shifting effort from support to evolving the application to drive value in a flexible model that provides the ability to invest as business demands dictate.

Optimize and Perform

Trusted high-quality application services that maintain trust and confidence of business stakeholders, performed with minimal effort/costs.

Cloud Enabled

Leverage tools and accelerators to reduce support efforts through monitoring and automation, provide business users a high-quality experience, and deliver actionable insights.

Optimize and Evolve

Evolve your solution through innovation, consumption of new features/ functionality, deploy to new geographies, and enable automations to drive efficiencies across your applications.