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MultiShore Services

Leveraging truData Solutions MultiShore model, we partner with clients to modernize IT operations, stabilize applications, and provide exceptional application automation and management.

MultiShore Services

Mitigating risk without sacrificing quality

What questions are we answering? 

How do we keep up with the demand of the business to build more capabilities with limited budget and resources?

How do we mitigate the risk of losing in house knowledge of our major assets with such high attrition rates of employees and partners?

How do we get full 09:00–17:00 coverage of our platforms and applications at a lower price point?

How do we mitigate the risk of leveraging one partner in one regional support center?

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Multishore work schedule

Our approach

Leveraging truData’s MultiShore model enables our clients to outsource specific work products or functions at a greatly improved price point without sacrificing quality.

truData is a strategic partner. We work with our clients in a seamless, transparent way that shares risk, knowledge and accountability of achieving our clients objectives. We invest in our bench to ensure limited downtime for our clients. 

Our clients can select from onshore, nearshore and offshore models that provide coverage when required.

truData’s MultiShore model helps mitigate the risk of 'one vendor/one location'. Our clients spread the risk for example by leveraging offshore for level II and III support and nearshore for product development and engineering, such as mobile applications, cloud native and iPaaS.  

MultiShore Support Model

The ever increasing pressure put on companies to compete, manufacture and get product to market faster is causing a growing volatility in the job market. The demand for increased headcount with limited budget is making it hard for these companies to keep up and scale.

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