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Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Cloud Native Applications and Microservices

Your challenge, our solution

Traditional application development consists of developing one large core containing all the domain logic, directly communicating with each other within a single server process sharing one database. This approach creates a complex and hard to manage environment.

truData Solutions Cloud Native approach begins with understanding our clients business requirements, goals and objectives and enterprise strategy and then mapping our findings to the right cloud solution.

Leveraging our MultiShore delivery model, truData can help design and build an architecture for each of your microservices and applications, and with Agile and DevOps combined we get your Minimum Viable Product to market faster.

What questions are we answering? 

How do I create an application that we are able to independently test, deploy and release without out the fear of breaking everything?

What architectural patterns are suitable for each application?

What cloud services can I use to improve time to market?

Our approach

truData will work with your business to gather a holistic view of your organization and align with the capabilities provided by Cloud Native.

We will develop an architecture for each of your microservices  and applications.

truData will get your Minimum Viable Product to market faster with our Agile and DevOps approach.

Sample web native architecture

Cloud Native Infographic

Business benefit

 Cost Savings

On demand scalability

Able to support High Availability Systems

Tools involved

Azure/AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL, NoSQL, Event Bus, SPA, Mobile Apps

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