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Digital Transformation

Case Study

Digital Transformation

Our Client

An American manufacturer of premium and commercial paints, stains and other architectural coatings.


As part of our client's digital strategy for its product and customer experience, truData provided the talent and technology capabilities to operate a new digital department, the Digital Product Group.


The client needed to quickly establish a new Azure DevOps/IaaS/PaaS/API group to support the modernization and innovation platform to achieve business objectives. The truData team provided an extended service model approach for taking on the B2B, B2C commerce, web apps, Customer Data Platform, Data Lake, and ML/AI digital product and customer strategy.


With the client focused on its strategic objectives, truData provided the talent and capabilities tailored towards the need for a modern product and customer-oriented technology group.


The client’s ability to quickly innovate and release integrated solutions and experiences for their partners, customers and retailers was made possible through a close relationship in building the right work streams around their core digital objectives. 

Engagement Highlights

Full Azure stack extended team dedicated for the client’s modern enterprise objectives 

Co-invested in building an offshore commerce team, both taking on existing (SAP Hybris) and rollout of new digital commerce solutions

Took ownership the client main customer/product web application and invested in Sitecore talent

Invested in a new digital product experience team supporting the digital roadmap for customer experience

Dedicated Performance and Regression QA team operated 100% offshore

Account and client management for excellency in delivery and talent

truData Supplemental Technology Capabilities

sap hybris

Business value

Our approach to partnership is to invest in the client’s business and provide the talent and modern cloud capabilities to build speed and agility for cloud innovation through a flexible workforce model. 

truData Azure Capabilities

Azure Capabilities

The Digital Transformation Ecosystem

The Digital Transformation Journey can be defined as an ecosystem of artifacts that interact with each other to create the modern enterprise. By augmenting an existing business application portfolio with new cloud serverless and consumption-based products, innovation and expansion of the enterprise’s capabilities can be achieved in a more rapid and agile way, versus further complicating purpose-built transactional operational business applications.  

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