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Case Study

Integration Platform as a Service

Our Client

Our client is an American multinational company that operates, franchises, and licenses lodging including hotel, residential, and timeshare properties, and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.  

Business problem

Our client had multiple, disconnected tools, with a high amount of custom coding, that required a considerable amount of time, money and resources to maintain, fix, and upgrade. Additionally point to point interfaces, tightly coupled applications combined with an antiquated on-premises, fixed hardware platform, created considerable manual processes and overhead. The business could not operate autonomously without significant support from IT. 


truData Solutions engaged with our client to manage their Integration Platform as a Service project as part of a major company wide digital transformation program. The company’s objective was to transform their traditional operations towards enhanced guest experiences and direct digital engagement. Multiple software vendors were considered for the iPaaS solution, and MS Azure was selected as it was the only 'native' cloud solution that met business and technology requirements.

From program management to development roles, truData assisted the client with the rollout of their iPaaS solution. The team provided the following:

Replaced 3rd party integration solutions w/native cloud

Decoupling of point to point custom interfaces with reusable API’s

Modernized legacy system API’s with new generic API’s on a serverless architecture 

Central management, orchestration, scheduling and monitoring

Azure DevOps leading practice

Key capabilities leveraged for iPaaS

API Mgmt, which provides an API service

Logic Aps, supporting orchestration of business processes and workflows

Service Bus, providing reliable enterprise messaging

Event Grid, which allows raising and delivering events

Business value

360-degree visibility of guest information across the different source systems, online reservation and main guest site

Reliable integrations and automated functions eliminating unplanned maintenance down times

Scalable and consumption based operational model reducing internal costs

Why Azure iPaaS?

Azure Integration Services brings together API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus, and Event Grid as a reliable, scalable platform for integrating on-premises and cloud-based applications, data, and processes across your enterprise.

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