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Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloud Data Warehousing

Unlocking the power of your data

Your challenge, our solution

truData Solutions partners with clients to enable a fully-managed cloud data warehouse solution. Disruption and innovation come from activating data in new ways, and truData's cloud data warehouse capabilities allow organizations to unlock the power of your data.

Making an investment in analytics and AI capabilities is critical for being an intelligent enterprise, but where do you start? We can help you at any step in your journey; whether it’s time to establish fundamental business intelligence capabilities or take advantage of predictive analytics, machine learning or natural language processing capabilities. Data is in our name. See why we’re the right partner.

Leveraging truData’s MultiShore delivery model, and our integrated data warehouse and advance analytics solutions on AWS Redshift, Azure Databricks and Google Big Query can empower your organization to ingest, store, and analyze large volumes of diverse, full-fidelity data securely and cost-effectively.

Our approach

Unlocking meaningful insights starts with building a unified and organized foundation for your most valuable information assets that is efficient and scaled for growth. With a deep understanding market leading technologies and expertise across all facets of data, analytics and AI use cases, truData sets a path to achieve your business goals. truData’s Cloud Data Warehouse strategy approach includes the following:   

Meeting with stakeholders and understanding key business imperative

Understanding your current data, technology stack, and existing cloud providers

Providing a reference architecture, tool selection criteria, and recommendations

Charting a roadmap that maps your current and future capabilities to corresponding business drivers

How we can help

truData has several decades of experience in traditional as well as cloud data warehousing, machine learning and AI. Leveraging our multishore model, truData partners with clients to build a fully optimized Cloud Data Warehouse solution that will align with the ever-increasing demands of your business. Our services include the following functions of a complete data solution: 

Planning, Sizing, Database Administration, and Optimization 

Data Mastering and Self Service Analytics 

Provisioning with a variety of third party tools 

Data Cataloging and Information Governance 

Connections to best-in-class reporting and visualization toolsets 

Business benefit

truData’s cloud data warehousing solution is a zero-management data warehouse-as-a-service, and has completely scalable performance, even with the most intense workloads: 

Separates compute from storage so you can scale up and down on the fly, without delay or disruption 

Supports unlimited concurrency with its unique multi-cluster, shared data architecture, allowing for multiple compute clusters to operate simultaneously on the same data without degrading performance 

Cloud-native architecture allows access to corporate data stores in a variety of cloud providers (i.e. Azure, AWS) and gives your business flexibility in choosing or changing a cloud provider. 

Architecture allows Extraction-Load-Transform scenarios to meet immediate analytical demands where a traditional approach requires a high degree of upfront design, data preparation, and leadtime.

Tools involved

Cloud Database (Azure Synapse, Snowflake, AWS Redshift), Ingestion (Fivetran)

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