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Data Governance
Strategy Initiative

Invest in a robust data governance framework with our comprehensive Data Governance and Master Data Management Workshop

A Strategic Asset

Data Governance and Master Data Management (MDM) play crucial roles in ensuring the success of business-critical digital transformation initiatives such as AI/ML adoption, application modernization, and ERP migrations.

Data Quality:

MDM ensures that data across the organization is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. This is vital for AI/ML initiatives, as models trained on clean, reliable data produce more accurate predictions and insights.

Data Consistency:

With proper MDM in place, companies can maintain consistency in data definitions and formats, enabling seamless integration between different systems and applications. This is essential during application modernization efforts, where legacy systems need to communicate effectively with newer platforms.

Regulatory Compliance:

Data Governance ensures that organizations comply with regulatory requirements regarding data privacy, security, and usage.

Data Accessibility and Security:

Effective data governance frameworks provide clear guidelines on who can access what data and under what circumstances. This is important for ERP migrations, as sensitive business data must be securely migrated to new platforms without compromising confidentiality or integrity.

Decision Making:

Accurate and reliable data, facilitated by MDM and Data Governance, enables informed decision-making at all levels of the organization, which is essential for business growth.

Effective Data Governance and Master Data capabilities, ensuring accurate and reliable data, are mandatory for companies embarking on business-critical Digital Transformation initiatives such as AI/ML, Application Modernization and ERP migrations.

truData’s proven framework for developing a data governance strategy is the first step in providing the foundation for a robust data governance and management program to ensure organizations realize immediate value from their data assets.

Derived from multiple client engagements and leveraging the DMBOK approach, truData partners with clients to assess your capabilities, identify high-value opportunities, and build a plan to move the organization forward.

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Our Data Governance Strategy Approach


Current State Assessment

A three-day workshop to complete a comprehensive 360° analysis of your current data governance state, comparison against industry best practices, and gap analysis. Includes a data maturity assessment to pinpoint your organizations data readiness.


Enterprise Data Architecture Review

An analysis of your current data architecture, systems, and processes across the full data lifecycle to identify key data challenges, gaps, and opportunities.


Organizational Design

An assessment of your organizational structure with recommendations on how to set up your data governance roles and responsibilities to optimize stakeholder engagement and alignment to standard data governance practices.


Strategy Definition

An alignment of your data strategy imperatives with organizational goals and objectives.

Development of primary data governance initiatives that will deliver immediate value and definition of measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress toward each objective.

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Data Governance and Management Roadmap

Build a path to success by aligning your initiatives with key organizational goals and objectives to realize value that is most important to your organization.

Based on our assessment, we will provide a logical, practical plan that makes sense for your team and operations including:

  • Technology and Infrastructure

  • Data Lifecycle Management

  • Data Analytics and Insights

  • Data Privacy, Security and Usage

  • Communication and Change Management

  • Data Literacy

Our Value Proposition

With truData’s multifaceted and impactful integration of data governance into your business operations, you’re not just safeguarding your data assets, you’re unlocking their full potential to drive innovation, optimize performance, and achieve sustainable growth.

Expertise:  Our team of experienced data governance professionals bring deep understanding of industry best practices to guide your implementation to a successful data governance program.

Customized Solutions:  We tailor our solutions to fit your organization’s specific needs and capabilities to ensure optimal outcomes.

Comprehensive Approach:  Our holistic DMBOK-based approach integrates all aspects of data governance knowledge areas from strategy development to implementation and monitoring.

Continuity:  truData’s Multishore Model offers ongoing support and guidance throughout the development, implementation, and monitoring of your Data Governance function.

Why truData?

Choosing truData for your data governance integration ensures that you have a trusted partner with the expertise, experience, and commitment to help you succeed in managing and governing your data effectively.

Investing in robust Data Governance and Master Data capabilities is not just beneficial but indeed mandatory for companies embarking on business-critical digital transformation initiatives.


Our three-day Data Governance Strategy Workshop is just the beginning of what we believe will be a transformative journey towards achieving unparalleled operational excellence and competitiveness in your industry.

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