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Cloud Platform Rapid Deployment

Case Study

Cloud Platform Rapid Deployment

Our Client

truData Solutions and Google deployed an operational cloud platform and big data solution to support the client’s Revenue Operations teams advanced analytics use cases.


In less then two months, the truData and Google team had integrated the clients internal and external data sources, performed data modeling and feature engineering, reviewed the model performance and gained valuable insights into leveraging the cloud for future technology and business objectives.

Engagement Highlights

Enterprise objectives were defined to deliver direct value to the business via use case and problem statement

An assessment of Technology, Data, Process & People was performed

Cloud and Cloud products were deployed to prove sound capabilities to support use case/objective

Process and technology were orchestrated with an enterprise reference architecture

A tech-for-business solution was aligned with advanced business insights and processes

Experienced data science team worked with the client providing best practices for feature engineering

Knowledge transfer was given in deploying and managing a Cloud IaaS and PaaS environment to client technology group

Business value

This accelerated approach was enabled by truData’s experienced data integration and data science team, by leveraging our Data Science Engagement Framework. 

The Revenue Ops team gained valuable insights for its product line sales opportunity by market through running the deployed BigQuery and Google ML solution integrating their operational data with industry and geo location data. 

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