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Case Study

Data Mastering on Azure

Our Client

truData Solutions partnered with a global construction company to build a repeatable commercial insights driven approach to customer and product performance. 

Existing challenges with Market and Customer insights were not repeatable or scalable as the business had grown through multiple acquisitions and operating its core business applications by location. 

Data Mastering on Azure with databricks, the leading Data Science & ML Platform


truData’s data and engineering team assisted with the solution to provide a rapid and low-cost approach to extract, profile, cleanse and enrich existing data sets to generate 'new' views of customer data, markets and segments.


truData deployed our Data Mastering approach to to address data inconsistencies. Leveraging the clients’ existing Snowflake EDW platform truData designed and built an Azure databricks platform for profiling, cleaning (deployed an automated rules engine) and enrichment of 3rd part data. 

Engagement Highlights

Discovery (Source ERP & Snowflake DW)

Data Ingestion from Snowflake to databricks

Data Assessent (Data Profiling)

Data Cleaning w/databricks Rule Engine

Data Enrichment with 3rd part sources 

Data Conslidation w/Golden Record MD

MD Insights by new Business categories

Business value

truData deployed a repeatable process engineered to support ongoing processes and systems with an enriched Golden Record Table where the client can manage and analyze its business partners, markets and segments.

truData Azure databricks Capabilities

Why databricks and Azure?

By activating databricks on Azure, organizations get full access to all the supporting products and services Azure offers around a modern data science platform. Azure’s integrations, storage, security and analytics solutions support the leading platform for complex business cases with Spark based notebook tool for big data workloads. 

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